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I offer service in a number of ways to suit different needs.


Private Tailored Class

Just for you.

You will be invited to fill out a health questionnaire when you book this service and I will tailor it to be specifically beneficial for your conditions and needs.


Suitable for 1-2 people.


Community Workshop

Open to ALL, regardless of background, identity, financial status and experience.

Register on the event page. 


Organisation Workshop

For corporates, charities, schools and other organisations who care about wellbeing of their people, want to bring mindfulness practices in the workplace or as part of the service, want to raise awareness of a healthy and holistic life style good for oneself and all lives, or want to enhance environmental and cultural competence, I offer mindfulness courses and facilitate interactive and engaging workshops to meet different aims. 

Please inquire.

Image by Corinne Kutz

Living Well Package

Mind, body and spirit are inherently interconnected.

This is dedicated time to dive deeply into your lived experience and to investigate that which needs supporting, nourishing, cultivating or letting go.

A holistic and evidence-based approach is taken with compassionate listening, integrating wisdom from modern science and ancient traditions including Buddhist, Taoist and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

It may involve talking, listening, silence, pulse and tongue reading, Chinese dietary therapy, nature therapy, sitting or moving meditation depending on what is needed.

I am committed to ensuring this service is available to everyone who wishes to be well. Please message me for further detail.


TCM Therapy

Restoring balance with ancient bodywork therapies at your home.

Acupressure, acupuncture and moxibustion have been used to stimulate the Qi flow and relieve pain for thousands of years.

Herbal remedies and diet recommendations are also available.

Enjoying Sunset

Just Listening
Silent companion

Inspired by the people who needed my presence as well as my work of bereavement support, I am introducing you to this new service.

Sometimes all we need is a pair of listening ears.

Non-judgemental active listening.

No comment is given unless asked.

Sometimes we just need someone to be there to keep us companied.

Full presence is offered.

No word is given unless asked.

Tropical Flower

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